The InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition does not fall behind its foreign counterparts

The InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition does not fall behind its foreign counterparts

16 may 2024 0000

The "Lezzet" group of companies launched its activities in 1995. We initially started off with wholesale, were involved in the import and sale of products, but later moved to production. Over the past 29 years we have built very significant production zones.

Our group of companies is presenting juice, lemonade, dry tea, wafers, biscuits, tissue paper, Turkish Delight, snacks, and other products to the participants of the exhibition at the InterFood Azerbaijan 2024. In 2011, we also initiated operations in the field of broilers. We are the largest producer of food products in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. We have already planned to become a key player with a crucial role in the Azerbaijani market, and we will maintain our participation in this exhibition.

This marks our fourth year of participation, and our primary objective – meet potential international customers, expand our scope of contact with them, and additionally, communicate with our existing local clients and foster relationships. We find this exhibition highly effective and advantageous for achieving these aims. Moreover, as an Azerbaijani company, it is incumbent upon us to partake in local exhibitions. We participate in specialised exhibitions in Russia, Dubai, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and this current exhibition is on par with those listed, enabling us to fulfil our objectives. For instance, we have connected with marketing companies here and initiated collaborations with several, receiving support from them in the field of marketing. This year at the InterFood exhibition, we have engaged with numerous companies with whom we foresee mutually beneficial partnerships. We are confident in establishing compelling collaborations with them.

Seymur Rzali, Director of the "Lezzet" group of companies