The special taste and aroma of Indian rice

The special taste and aroma of Indian rice

19 may 2022 0000

Director of Bharat Industrial Enterprises Ltd. (BIEL) Mohit Gupta:

We are making a debut at InterFood Azerbaijan, setting the task of presenting the products of Bharat Industrial Enterprises Ltd on the market of your country and find a distributor. We know how rice is popular and loved by many in Azerbaijan, many dishes are prepared from it, including the most important one - pilaf.

Our rice, carefully grown in India, is distinguished by a special taste and aroma that would for sure please even the most demanding cooks.

InterFood is an excellent platform to introduce consumers and potential partners to several varieties of excellent Indian rice, including Basmati, and find a sales partner.

Despite the fact that we have been at the exhibition for a few hours, the stand has already been visited by several entrepreneurs who have expressed interest in cooperation.

And this is only the first day! I hope that even more proposals will be made and Bharat Industrial Enterprises will be able to enter the market of Azerbaijan, which is a leading, economically strong country of the South Caucasus.

We are grateful to the Caspian Event Organizers for this opportunity. I would also like to note the excellent organization of the exhibition. Everything is perfect at InterFood Azerbaijan, from decent infrastructure to atmosphere.