The undeniable benefits of the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition

The undeniable benefits of the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition

16 may 2024 0000
Alexey Perepelitsa, Sales Manager, “Baltimore Aircoil Company”

As a representative of the “Baltimore Aircoil Company” in Azerbaijan, I regularly attend the InterFood Azerbaijan exhibition. My attendance at the exhibition is driven by professional interest, the aspiration to find new potential clients, as well as the promising sales channels. I am interested in industrial refrigeration equipment tailored for the food industry. In this regard, the stand of the Turkish company Frigo Mekanik captured my attention significantly. I would have liked to see more companies from this field at the exhibition. Consolidating diverse offerings within one venue, such as this exhibition, always offers a more interesting opportunity to form value assessments.

In general, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the high level at which the exhibition is held and note that events of this nature are essential to make it facilitate and expedite the establishment of business networks, conduct dialogues in “hot communication” mode, and receive information from people from the industry that interests you.

Having attended the exhibition for several years, I am well aware that the most significant outcomes emerge post-event, when you analyze the collected information for the current and previous years and determine a strategy for further business development in a given region. There is a lot of information to get through, we will be working on it.