Unparalleled quality

Unparalleled quality

12 may 2023 0000
Saadat Farzaliyeva, Executive Director of Absheron Saffron Company

Established in 2016, Absheron Saffron LLC is the first producer of proprietary saffron products in Azerbaijan. The company has a production facility in the village of Zira on the Absheron Peninsula and grows saffron on a 20-hectare plot.
To present our high-quality saffron products to our customers, a showroom named Saffron Products was opened in 2022. We have certificates from France and USA. Meanwhile, they are regularly certified by Swiss laboratories. We obtain natural products through our production of saffron.

Absheron Saffron products are completely organic. The company does not use any chemical or synthetic ingredients in the cultivation and processing of saffron or its products. It is one of the highest-quality saffron producers in the world. The company's products have been exhibited at various exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Qatar, Turkey, Dubai, and Azerbaijan.

Our company will present Absheron saffron, caraway saffron, saffron jam, honey cream, strawberry with saffron, lemon, grapefruit, white cherry, cherry, grape, peach, pumpkin, quince, fig, mandarin, orange, kumquat jam, and gift boxes at Interfood Azerbaijan 2023. Made of saffron petals and containing saffron, our jams are number one in quality and taste in Azerbaijan and the world. Thanks to the patent that we have received, we intend to raise our product to the level of a world-known brand. Our goal is to promote the Azerbaijani brand, our 100% organic saffron, and a variety of saffron jams with dignity.

We consider participation in Interfood Azerbaijan very important. In the beginning, holding such exhibitions is even more motivating for any entrepreneur, because after some work is done, you want to promote the quality and name of your product more widely. Such exhibitions provide immediate opportunities for this kind of promotion. Special attention should be paid to attracting foreign representatives to exhibitions. This year, we hope to introduce our product to a wider audience. We are confident that we will be proud to present Azerbaijani saffron and its varieties with dignity.