Visibility Platform with IoT sensors

Visibility Platform with IoT sensors

18 may 2023 0000

Eric Weaver, Chief Executive Officer, Transparent Path

Transparent Path is a US-based company focused on advanced logistics technologies. We bring together the hardware and software required to provide continuous monitoring, visibility and safekeeping for shipments of perishable goods, such as food, medicines, blood/plasma, and chemicals. We use cellular IoT sensors to constantly monitor location, temperature, humidity, shock and light exposure, to keep track of where these shipments are, and what is happening to them right now. When something goes wrong in transport, such as equipment failure, theft, or poor cold-chain practices, we can alert the appropriate parties immediately so they can hopefully intervene and save the shipment from loss. This reduces waste, cost and risk, and keeps products out of landfills.

We believe Azerbaijan has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself and its companies from other countries exporting products by securing Azerbaijani food exports using our technologies — keeping them fresh, safe and with the highest quality and profit. We also believe that by tracking exports in real time, we can reduce supply chain losses.

We intend to demonstrate our Visibility Platform at Caspian Agro, along with our IoT sensors. We will debut some new shipment tracking devices and talk about our upcoming “freshness prediction” algorithms that predict how fresh food will be long before it reaches grocery shelves.

We are attending Caspian Agro primarily to assess regional interest in applying our advanced technologies to their food shipments.

We know that creating trusted business relationships takes time, and introducing new technologies can be challenging. We also know how difficult it is to maintain relationships across time zones. So, we are not only assessing the viability of creating business relationships in the region but are also using this trip to assess the possibility of setting up a local office.