"We will definitely take part in the next exhibition!"

"We will definitely take part in the next exhibition!"

16 may 2024 0000

The company "Bombbar" is a manufacturer of healthy products made of high-quality European raw materials. I would like to emphasise that they are not only healthy but also very tasty!

The "Fitness Food" factory produces products under three brands: "BOMBBAR", "SNAQFABRIQ", and "CHIKALAB".

The "Bombbar" brand has been on the market for more than seven years and is aimed at fans of a healthy lifestyle and connoisseurs of low-calorie, high-protein products. This gives the opportunity to build a beautiful body, feel energetic, and enable athletes to win. "CHIKALAB" fitness desserts with an extra portion of protein are designed for a female target audience, while "SNAQFABRIQ" is a mass-consumption brand.

We have been present in the Azerbaijani market for three years. We are participating in "InterFood Azerbaijan" for the second time. The visitors recognise our brands, approach us, get to know us, and talk to us, i.e. the exhibition is effective. The flow of people is very good here, which facilitates the presentation of our brands and actively attracts visitors.

The show brings us closer to our customers and consumers. It is also an opportunity to learn about existing trends, observe related companies, find out what the product requirements are, and assess the target audience. I like the fact that there is no loud music, which sometimes distracts from communication, and that everything is neatly arranged and done on time. There was plenty of time to prepare for this show and the organiser gave useful suggestions. We will definitely be back for another show next year!

After the last exhibition, we had the opportunity to expand the supply of our products, because at the beginning they were only sold in four distributors' outlets, but after the exhibition, they were supplied to mini-markets and marketplaces. We used to come to the show with a limited exposition, but this year our task is to show the whole range of our products. This exhibition is attended by representatives of Azerbaijan as well as foreign traders, so it is important for us to find points of contact with all potential partners and consumers.

It is important that the exhibition is visited by the President of the country, which indicates the high level of the event. Our distributor advised us to take part in this event because large international exhibitions always promise spectacular results: perhaps we will find new distributors to promote our other brands, in addition to our health and wellness distributor.

From the second day of the exhibition, we organised tasting sessions. At this exhibition, we are in an active information field, analysing useful information, and forming a marketing strategy to get feedback from consumers.

The exhibition is an effective tool for promoting our company and brands. When I arrived in Baku, I saw the "InterFood Azerbaijan" advertisement at the airport and it had a great format to attract visitors. This exhibition also provides an opportunity to get to know the country, people, and market, to evaluate the work of the distributor and his team, and to strengthen partnerships.

Tatiana Ivlieva, Marketing Director of Bombbar