Worthy equipment for the meat, dairy and fish industries

Worthy equipment for the meat, dairy and fish industries

17 may 2024 0000

The Slovak company PSG Plus manufactures equipment for the meat, dairy and fishing industries: thermal and climate chambers, massagers, digesters, trolley washers of European quality. We also restore used equipment and provide a full warranty for it.

At the InterFood Azerbaijan 2024 exhibition, we are demonstrating equipment for smoking fish, sausage and cheese and a number of other products of the company. The special feature of our smoking chamber with automatic control is its compactness. It is easily installed in super and hypermarkets and in the workshops of small entrepreneurs with a small production volume. The smoke generator of the chamber, developed in collaboration with scientists of the Research Institute, is economical and does not harm the environment. The normalized smoke supply provides the product with juiciness and excellent taste. The range of cameras varies in volume from one to eight trolleys. Among our offers are large climate chambers producing smoked and cured sausages with a capacity of up to 150 pieces per cart.

Our partner in Azerbaijan, Hicaz company, has proven itself well in the local market, as we can judge from the positive reaction of visitors to the exhibition. We invited partners to our production in Slovakia and demonstrated the advantages of our equipment.

By participating in InterFood Azerbaijan for the second time, we would like to note that this year's exhibition successfully demonstrates the growth of space, the high level of participating companies and a lot of visitors. There is interest in our products and, importantly, it comes not only from Azerbaijani companies, but also from companies from other countries represented at the exhibition. We can say that we lacked competitors at the exhibition, manufacturers of similar equipment. I think it would be more interesting for us to get acquainted with their products, and provide the end customer with the opportunity to compare capabilities, prices and quality.

Oksana Zimberova, sales representative of PSG Plus