Young chefs get a huge professional experience

Young chefs get a huge professional experience

20 May 2022 0000

Makhach Vagabov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Moscow Polytechnic University, Judge of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)

– I am participating in the Chefs Championship in Baku for the second time. I admire the young team of organizers of this tournament, their professional approach to the preparation and staging of the championship. As the organizer and head of the Visit Dagestan International Gastronomic Festival, as well as a judge of championships in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, the UAE and a number of other countries, I can say that this is a huge titanic work, which the organizers did just fine. Chefs Cup championship in Azerbaijan is held at the world level.

I was very pleased with the composition of the participants of this year's championship, among which there are many young people. Our jury consists of well-known magistrates. For example, the Italian Domenico Maggi, who has been leading a culinary college for forty years. The experience that young chefs obtain from specialists of this level is invaluable, it is a great school for life.

Sponsorship also plays an important role in such culinary competitions. This project is supported by a number of well-known brands, many of which are from Azerbaijan. I think this is a great advertisement for them in terms of image. The participants of the championship use the products of these companies in their work, emphasizing their high quality, which is the highest professional judgment.