WorldFood Azerbaijan Caspian Agro Ipack Caspian and HOREX Caucasus exhibitions will open their doors to visitors on May 15

WorldFood Azerbaijan Caspian Agro Ipack Caspian and HOREX Caucasus exhibitions will open their doors to visitors on May 15

14 may 2019 0000

This year’s largest exhibition event, which will bring together 4 specialized trade exhibitions, will be held from the 15th to the 17th of May at the Baku Expo Center. Occupying three halls and an open area, the 25th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition, WorldFood Azerbaijan, the 13th Azerbaijan International Agriculture Exhibition, Caspian Agro, the Caspian International Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing Exhibition, Ipack Caspian and the 13th Caucasus International Hospitality Exhibition, HOREX Caucasus 2019 have gathered 440 companies from 32 countries around the world, as well as 11 national and regional groups at one site. Compared to last year, the exhibition area has increased by 20%. 70% of the exhibitors are foreign companies.

The sectors covered by the exhibition receive special attention from the state. For many years now, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, has visited the exhibition and become acquainted with the new products offered by manufacturers and distributors to the Azerbaijani market. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan actively participates and provides invaluable support to exhibitions. WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition is supported by Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Also exhibitions are supported by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan,             National Confederation of The Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic (AEC) and Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation. The exhibition is organised by Caspian Event Organisers and a network of its international agents.


This year, WorldFood Azerbaijan is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Standing at the very beginnings of the development of the food industry of independent Azerbaijan, the exhibition not only keeps pace with the new trends in the industry, but is itself a driving mechanism for the development of this industry in the region. WorldFood Azerbaijan opened its doors for the first time in 1995, since then its popularity has been growing among specialists in Azerbaijan and the region. Over the 25 years of its success, the exhibition has gathered 2137 companies on its site from more than 40 different countries. Many of them subsequently found distributors, and established a successful business in Azerbaijan. Today, the exhibition is the only hub of meetings of leading local and international manufacturers, distributors and exporters of the food industry.

WorldFood Azerbaijan 2019 welcomes 189 companies from 19 countries. Among the exhibitors are companies from Azerbaijan, Croatia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, etc. This year Italy, Sri Lanka and Turkey will be participating with their national stands. Traditionally, regional groups of Russia from Bashkortostan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Penza, Vladimir and Voronezh also take part in the exhibition. The exhibition at the national stand of the Republic of Belarus, which increased its area this year, will be presented in two halls at once, the second and third hall that have opened for the first time in the history of the exhibition.

Traditionally, under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan” the exhibition presents a wide range of food products, meat and dairy products, tea, honey, juices and other products of domestic producers, as well as metal structures.

Among the sectors of this year’s exhibition are: WorldFood (food industry), WorldDrink (drinks) and WorldFoodTech (technology), in which representatives of Azerbaijan and a number of foreign countries will present a wide range of products and services: confectionery, dairy products, meat and dairy products, juices, tea and coffee products, as well as equipment for fruits and vegetables, metal structures, marking equipment and much more. It is gratifying that the number of first-timers to the exhibition is 40% of the total number of participants.

Supporting structures also actively participate in the exhibition. The Food Safety Agency of The Republic of Azerbaijan (AQTA) will have its stands both in the hall and in the open area, Family Business Support Centre (ABAD) and Small and Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (KOBIA) will also participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition meets its anniversary with an extensive business and entertainment programme.

The permanent exhibitors have already met at the ceremonial planting of almond and pomegranate trees, which was held on the 11th of May at the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Since ancient times the almond tree has been considered a symbol of purity, prosperity and fertility. The pomegranate is an integral attribute of Azerbaijan, a symbol of life and the revival of nature, as well as part of a new brand of exhibitions. Over 30 companies took part in the planting.

The WorldFood Azerbaijan also presents the exposition of the Caspian International Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing Exhibition, Ipack Caspian 2019. Participants from Azerbaijan, Croatia, Russia, Turkey, and other countries will present the finished packaging and labels, packaging and labelling equipment, tare, materials, raw materials and equipment for the production of packaging.


This year the Caspian Agro exhibition is the largest in its history. The exhibition brought together representatives of 240 companies from 26 countries from around the world. Within the framework of the exhibition, Georgia and the Netherlands will participate with their national stands. Along with the traditional participants, Morocco will take part in the exhibition for the first time. The number of first-timers of the exhibition is 40%. The sponsor of the Caspian Agro exhibition registration is Prior Leasing.

Participants present the widest exhibition in the region, consisting of the following sections: irrigation systems, greenhouse equipment, greenhouses, equipment for the livestock industry, animal feed, seeds, agricultural equipment, veterinary drugs, laboratory equipment, livestock and poultry, veterinary medicine, crop production, cultivation fruits and vegetables and more. A wide range of agricultural products and equipment, irrigation and irrigation systems, greenhouses, etc. will present domestic manufacturers under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan". (The full list can be found at the link:

As part of the exhibition, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which has been supporting the exhibition for many years, is participating for the first time with its innovative stand in the 3rd exhibition hall, as well as on the open area. At the stand, the latest achievements of the country in the agricultural sector will be present, and the latest industry innovations will be visually demonstrated. Also, at its stand, promising start-ups supported by the ministry will be widely presented. As part of this initiative, students and young professionals will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects to leading industry players, to gain invaluable experience and support.

Thus, the Caspian Agro 2019 exhibition will once again become a meeting place for all specialists of the agro-industrial complex, farmers, distributors of agricultural products, and all who are interested in the development of the agricultural sector and are actively involved in this process in Azerbaijan.


For the first time, the Caucasus International Hospitality Exhibition HOREX Caucasusis being held at the same venue with the above exhibitions. This format for the exhibition will give a new impetus for fruitful cooperation and will open up new opportunities for exhibitors.

Participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and a number of other countries will meet with distributors and manufacturers to conclude mutually beneficial deals and demonstrate professional refrigeration equipment, professional kitchen equipment, air cleaning systems for hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, furniture, textiles, dishes, goods for tourism (boilers, barbecues, cauldrons, skewers, oven smokers), bakery and confectionery equipment.


As part of the exhibition, the organisers have prepared a rich business programme. During each days of the exhibition various trainings, seminars and business meetings will be held.

For the first time, as part of the exhibition, the Chef Championship “Chef’s Cup” will be held with the organisational support of the Development of Tourism and National Cuisine Public Union and the website The event organisers hope the championship will make a great contribution to the development of gastronomic tourism. Participation in the competition creates an ample opportunity for teams and individuals from various culinary fields to demonstrate their high level professionalism and talent, and the desire to keep abreast of events in the hotel and restaurant business around the world.


More than 20 exhibitors will present their exclusive products, which are not yet on the market, in the Showcase of Innovations in the lobby. Guests will have a unique opportunity to be among the first to familiarise themselves with innovative market products, explore new business opportunities, find potential customers and exchange business experiences. Each showcase will contain detailed information about the product, and the booth number will indicate how to find the manufacturer at the exhibition.


In the first two days of the exhibition, traditional B2B meetings with the participation of foreign and local manufacturers and distributors, and representatives of retail chains will be held, where they will be able to discuss future ways of cooperation and partnership face to face. Already, over 200 meetings have been scheduled. Meetings will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen existing business relationships, as well as searching for new business development opportunities.


Every year, the organisers conduct tours of the exhibition for regional farmers, where they can familiarise themselves with the latest innovations of the industry, which are indispensable conditions for the production of high-quality products. This year the number of farmers attracted to the exhibition from the regions of Azerbaijan increased. Also, during the exhibition, for the first time, it is planned to organise a training session on the theme “Quality Product of a Successful Business”, where session participants will be able to ask their questions to specialists, as well as share their experience with colleagues.

As part of the WorldFood Azerbaijan exhibition, a Russian business mission from the Russian Gastro Week - RGW Azerbaijan series of events is held, organised by the JSC Russian Export Centre and the Caspian Event Organisers, CEO. During the mission, a round table will be organised on market monitoring and the import of Russian products to Azerbaijan, and meetings with wholesalers will be held. The business mission also includes B2B meetings of Russian food producers with Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, including distributors, representatives of retail chains, professional participants of the food market and hospitality.

This year, the second Baku International Conference on Food Safety will be held on the 17th of May at the JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel. The conference is organised by the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The first exhibition day – the 15th of May coincides with the International Family Day. This event was reflected in the official opening ceremony, where an interesting dance will be shown, symbolizing the strength of family ties, the strong interweaving of which represents well-being.

Thus, the exhibition will once again become a meeting place for food and related industries, a platform for business development and the expansion of sales horizons, as well as a place for meeting old friends. The partners of the exhibitions in 2019 are the tour operator Greenwich Travel Club, Qafqaz Hotels and Resorts and Boulevard Hotel. Child Zone partner is "Bagcam" Network of Kindergartens.